Our Method

Here’s how we do it

Are you looking to set-up your company for growth or want to divest from one or multiple business units? We can help you to retain/grow the jobs and redevelop the business in all its aspects towards a future proof company. How do we work?


We investigate the potential of the business and if possible, create, together with existing management and key staff a futureproof business plan. We seek to create a buy-in for this plan with the current owner, clients, partners and regional stakeholders. Depending on the situation we start a NewCo or detangle from the existing company.


Based on the plan all stakeholders invest accordingly and generally Business Creation brings amongst others resources, finances, partnerships, knowledge and skillsets to the company in order to strengthen the business.


Scale: Once a business is set to grow we start the acceleration process. With our entrepreneurial mindset we focus on gaining customers, internationalisation, new products and services and an active acquisition strategy to speed create a long-term sustainable company.



In this phase we aim to establish the new foundation to achieve the long-term objectives for the business. The transformation will be hand in hand with clients, staff, partners and key stakeholders.