Our History

How it started

Business Creation was established in 1982 as JobCreation©, which was a spin-off from a restructuring project at British Steel. At that time of economic recession, there was a strong demand for solutions regarding unemployment. Over the years we have introduced a variety of novel services like Outplacement, Starters Assistance and Business Centres ‘avant la lettre’. Thousands of jobs were saved and created throughout Europe, in times when they were really needed. JobCreation© and, at a later stage, Business Creation© became brand names for redevelopment.

As of 2009, Business Creation© has been focusing on a truly integrated approach for each large restructuring of divestment project, by offering not only business redevelopment services, but also outplacement services and job searches via JobCreation©. And what remains a unique strength is our entrepreneurial approach, in which we not only consult but also implement and invest. In 2019 we merged with VGRIP the transformation consulting company and we have shifted our focus to MedTech, DigiTech & Fintech and have added dedicated in-house consulting (VGRIP, InterBee) and IT/software (3i-solutions) services to our capabilities.

Track record

Established in 1982, Business Creation has over 35 years of experience in restructuring and redevelopment in a broad range of industry sectors but today we focus on MedTech, FinTech and DigiTech. Over the years we have achieved:


    Complex divestments and restructuring projects


    Savings on closure and restructuring

    Thousand jobs safeguarded and created


    IRR/year realised for investors

    Million square meters of real estate developed

    Our offerings

    We offer flexible services for redevelopment ranging from general consulting support to the realisation of take-overs with minimised negative impact for work force and local communities in case of redevelopment.

    Though we focus on defining and delivering fully integrated solutions for redevelopment – encompassing real estate, technology and people – the solution in question will usually have an emphasis on one of the three. The cases set out below are examples of our work and illustrate the diversity and complexity of the projects we undertake.

    We have worked with companies in a variety of industries like ING, Sony, Phillips, ABB, MedTronic, Fresenius and in the FinTech space with BEAMwallet.com, Byelex and in the Digital space with 3iSolutions and BizzDesign.

    We’ve worked with

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