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BusinessCreation is here to build on the good from the past and create the best for the future! BusinessCreation focusses on redeveloping business units, product lines or production sites of (multi)nationals or even whole companies that are in decline or no longer strategically relevant. Our method is to create a people powered business that creates & sustains jobs through focus on customer needs, social & environmental innovation with support of regional stakeholders. Our primary industries we operate in are MedTech, DigiTech and Manufacturing. BusinessCreation has a rich history in reinventing companies who are on the brink of failure or just can’t seem to take off. Our heritage proves our value, we have worked with some of the biggest industry names and are always looking for new opportunities to help business to flourish and retain and create jobs. If you are considering closing a product line or business unit, BusinessCreation can help to preserve jobs, and revitalize the business towards a healthy and sustainable future.

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Our philosophy.

Our philosophy is that all companies are as good as how they work with their clients, (social)partners, suppliers and how they treat staff. People are at the heart of each business. We aim to create and preserve jobs and create companies where people enjoy working, entrepreneurial spirit is present, change is the standard, inclusiveness and holistic thinking is valued.

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Our clients are not just the businesses we work with, but also the employees, clients and (social)partners of these companies. We help companies to reduce the cost of restructuring, cold closure and avoid unnecessary loss of jobs.

We are mostly interested in business units/companies with between 10-200 employees and a revenue line of between 500 Thousand and 25 Million Euro located in Europe, where business has been more or less flat for last 5 years or declining.

The parties we have worked with in the past are, amongst others, Sony, MedTronic, Philips, ABB, Fresenius. We are also interested to work with SME companies that struggle to grow, expand or are just not realising their potential for various reasons. Companies we have worked with are BizzDesign and BEAMWallet.

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